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Family Stories: This is the index or the Family Stories Directory
Absolum Munkers: Story sent in by Carol Banks about Absolum Munkers
B.C. Moncus: This is a short story about how young Beverly Clinton left home at a VERY young age.
Annie and Clint: Annie and Clint Monkus, their story.. Could this be Beverly Clinton?
Murles Name: This is the story of Murle's middle name.
A Very Unusual Wedding: This is the story of Kermit and Murle Moncus getting married in a car.
How Kermit Roosevelt got his name.: This is the story of how Kermit Roosevelt Moncus got his name.
Don Travis Moncus: This is the story of how Don Travis Moncus struck by lightning and killed at the age of 10.
River Jim, his wife and the COW: This is a story about River Jim Moncus and some of his many wives!
Buried In The Wrong Suit: Just read this one... You don't know whether to laugh or not!
A Day With Grandaddy: This is a story of me (Kim Moncus) and a typical day spent visiting relatives with my Grandaddy.
Pioneers Fought Dust and Hardship: This is a Pioneer story involving Walter Moncus
Uncle Marge: The story or Margaret Elizabeth, UNCLE Marge, and how HE got HIS name.
Old Guestbook Entries: These are comments left in my very first guestbook, there are some stories and facts to be found here.
Herman Moncus: A story written by Dan Phillips about Herman Moncus and Tucumcari NM.
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