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beautiful flowers

My Granny (Murle H. Oliver Moncus) always used her Maiden name as her Middle name. Once though, I noticed she used the H, so I asked her what her Middle name was. She said "Oliver" I said no, no, no, that's your maiden name, what is your middle name? She said "H." I asked her "What do you mean H!?" Nobody's middle name is H! She stuck to the claim that her middle name was H, so I wrote it down that way in my little family book I was making. (I started my family tree when I was about 11) Some time later, I'm not sure how long, I showed my dad my little book. I asked him why Granny's middle name was H. He laughed and said, "Her middle name is Haney! She just didn't want anyone to know!" So goes the story, and this also goes to show you how things can get mixed up when you are working on your family tree!

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