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My Grandaddy told me that he was named after Teddy Roosevelt's son, and I forgot about it. Then one day my dad and I were talking about family names, like William and Benjamin, and Andrew Jackson, James (there are Multiples of these) and we wondered why My Grandaddy was named Kermit Roosevelt. All of a sudden it popped into my mind! I remembered the conversation like it was yesterday! I was probably about 10, and we were talking about family, which I did a lot for some reason (maybe because I am an only child) and he told me about being named after President Roosevelt's son. He said he was supposed to be Kermit Theodore Roosevelt Moncus. (on my dad's birth certificate it says his father's name is Kermit Theodore, I believe.) He said he named my daddy Ronnie Theo after the Theodore in his name. After he told me all of this, I guess I just filed it away, never thinking about it again until the other day. After my dad and I discussed this, and I remembered it all, I went online to see if T. Roosevelt really had a son named Kermit, and he did! Jane Moncus Graben remembers 3 pictures of soldiers one Teddy Roosevelt and two other (she said they had hats like Smokey the Bear)men one supposed to be related to us, who fought with Teddy. These pictures were on Orb and Uvie's wall. She was very young at the time, so her memory is fuzzy, but she said she thought that might be the connection. (We as a family through the years rarely named our children after anyone except family or close friends, so the Kermit thing puzzled me)