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Date: Sun Aug 30 16:30:20 1998 This story comes from: Carol Banks

You asked for stories, etc. about Munkers. I have found an article printed in "The History of Buchanan County" published in 1881. -Anyway the article is as follows: "Absalom Munkers, a brother-in-law of Judge Everett, and a native of Tennessee, came to the same neighborhood where Judge Everett settled in February, 1837, and located on section 18, township 55, range 33. The left Clay County (Missouri) together, but Mr. Munkers falling in company with a family in Clinton County, was detained on the road for about a week. Mr. Munkers, not being so fortunate as Judge Everett, had to build his own cabin in the woods. It is claimed that the wagons of these two gentlemen were the first to make tracks on the soil of Platte Township. Mr. Munkers still lives, at an advanced age, on the land which he first pre-empted. His son David was the first white child born in the township, the date of his birth Being April, 1837."

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