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This story was given to me by Mitzi Penuel

James M.(River Jim) Born Oct.17,1842 Died May 16,1932 Malone, Randolph Co Al.-Father William Moncus born Aug, 16,1812 Died April 4,1891. James had four wives. was married to Penelope (Nellie) Perry born April 28.1848 died July 30th,1904 buried Pine Grove Cemetry also. Jennie Haynes was the second b.July 1857 d. Feb.13,1915 buried Pine Grove, Mrs. Kennady was the next wife .She lived above Wadley, Al. near Motley. She and Jim had a terrible dispute she said "I'm gonna take MY COW and go home "she did. He later went to Clairmont Springs in Clay Al. County and paid a lady Aunt Ludy" $1000. to be his wife.She was a real good woman and lived with him until he died. Ruth Camp McCater remembers her for cooking such good teacakes, and raising such fat hogs. "I got to eat some of those teacakes and they were great."