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From: Jackie Rogers jrogers@deltacom.com
Date: Wed Jun 3 19:04:38 1998

Hi. I live in LaGrange, Ga and Moncus is my surname. It's great to see this name elsewhere in the country. Would love to learn more about the family, will keep tabs here to see what I can learn. My father (B 1920) was Thomas Talmadge Moncus, II and his father was the first. I only know his father's name, Robert. Interesting tale: my father, Jack, had a first cousin here who was called Baby until he went into the first grade. When they asked for his name, and he told them it was Baby, they said that wouldn't do, and his parents let him choose his own name - - he chose Margaret Elizabeth. This was my "Uncle Marg" - one of my favorites who died recently. Thanks for letting me say hello. Correction My father's name was Jack Thomas and his father was Thomas Talmadge. My BROTHER is Thomas Talmadge the II and his son, my nephew, Tal, is Thomas Talmadge the III. Sorry for the mistake.