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This story came to me through an email from Gerry Davis...she got it from Lynn Garten Rodgers I suppose, since that was the signature at the bottom of the email.  I am thinking this is BC, Beverly Clinton.. I have to ask June Weddle.

Annie Viola Monkus (sp. ? ) was born 1 Mar 1874 either in Texas or Alabama. According to her death certificate, her father was E. J. Monkus. [My mother in law always thought his name was Harve.] Annie's mother's name is given as Mary Landreth. Annie had one brother, Clint, who was a couple of years younger, and possibly two older sisters, Mary and Alice. The family lore tells that when Annie was around 10 years old, her mother ran away with another man. For some reason, this other man supposedly threatened Harve's life. Harve put Annie and Clint in an orphanage, and left the country. Annie never saw him again. Annie and Clint ran away from the orphanage, and walked several days, finally coming upon a small cabin in the woods, where a black lady lived with her child. This lady took them in, and Annie watched her child while she worked in town. We don't know this lady's name, but she taught Annie how to cook and take care of the children. When Annie was around 14 or 15, she married James Monroe "Dock" Howeth. He was 6 years older, born 23 Oct 1868, in Limestone county, Texas. After Annie and Dock married, Clint ran away, never again to be seen by Annie. Dock Howeth was a Minister, cabinet maker and farmer, he and Annie were in what is now Oklahoma, by 1900, perhaps earlier. If you have any clue about this Monkus family, I would surely appreciate some help!
"Lynn Garten Rodgers"