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Family Stories

Herman Moncus Story Interesting Story involving Herman Moncus, in Tucumcari, NM. (by Dan Phillips)

Absalom Munkers Story This story comes from Carol Banks.

B.C. Munkus This very unusual story was sent to me by June Weddle. There is an excellent picture of his children with this story.

Annie and Clint This story MAY be about BC, who was "Beverly Clinton" I am checking into it.  It is an interesting one anyway.

Murle's Name This is the story of how I found out my grandmother's name.

An Unusual Wedding This is the story of how my Grandparents got married in a CAR!

How Kermit got his name! This is the story of how my Grandaddy got his name.

Uncle Marg How Uncle Margaret got his name.

Don Travis Moncus This is the story of my daddy's brother, who was taken from this world at the age of 10, by lightning.

The COW story, River Jim's Adventures in Marriage short but sweet!

Buried in the wrong suit yep, they buried him in the wrong suit!

A day with Grandaddy this is a typical day in the country with my grandaddy.

Pioneers Fought Dust & Hardship J. Walter Moncus' Story from the Albuquerque Journal.

Entries from my old guestbook some interesting stories and comments that aren't in the guestbook I have now.

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