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NEW!!!  This is a site that BEGINS with Old William, since he is the earliest ancestor we have found who is ours FOR SURE, and it goes on down through each of his children, their children etc... ONE AT A TIME!  I am posting information found and known about EACH person in the family!  (NOT living) Right now I have only William and his children, but there is a LOT of NEW information about William and some of his children, info that has not been seen on the web!  Go check this out, it's fun and informative!  If you know anything that can help, please contribute to this site!

The Moncus M*n*s Surname Resource Center is an attempt to gather all the resources available on the internet that pertains to our surname and put them in one place. This site is a part of the M*n*s Surname Network. (MSN, not to be confused with Microsoft network!) You can join the Moncus ETC. Mailing list, Request to join the private Munkres etc. Meeting Place at and find some really helpful genealogy links and searches! (This is my site also...wonder why it gets so much space dedicated to it here? now you know! LOL)

Gerry Munkres Davis Munkres Family Tree at parsons. This is my partner in crime... She has been my teacher/helper since before I put my first puny page online.

Janet Green Ariciu's Munkres/Monkres section of her site.  If this link doesn't work, try the main page and look for the Munkres Link. Janet has gathered quite a bit of info.

Visit Clinton P. Munkres Family Tree Maker site, he has some links and all of his Munkres genealogy on his site.

More Links- Genealogical Links, geographical (links from sites about the areas where our ancestor's were located.)

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