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News and Updates

Just starting out!

October 5, 2000 I have added to the Surname Origin page some theory's and ideas about where the surname originates, also, as the page loads, don't close the popup window, it is a poll from which you can voice YOUR opinion about where our surname comes from!  Also at the top of this page is Old Williams Will.

August 2000 Here we GROW again!  Sorry for all the upheaval and confusion!  I use a great program called Trellix to build my sites, and unfortunately for me, when I updated trellix this past week, I also lost my ability to update my old monkee tree file.  It opens fine, it just won't publish.  I took this as a sign!  I just love to remodel, so here was the perfect excuse!  I still have the old site, which is complete except for my very newest info and pictures, so you might want to go there for the next week or so.  OR you can try this really cool new way to browse!!!  Go to which takes you (for now) to the Monkee Tree at Rootsweb.  At the bottom of the page you will notice a panel.  On this panel there is a small box that has www in it.  If you click on the arrow next to that box, you will see a dropdown menu... On this menu there are links to all the Moncus etc. sites that I have found on the internet, and the ones I have made.  This is a really good way to browse the M*n*s web. Try it and let me know what you think! If you have any links you would like for me to add, let me know!  

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